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SEFAR – World-class screen printing, filtration & architectural solutions

Sefar AG: filter fabric, filter media, filtration media, screen printing, screen printing mesh, leading manufacturer of precision fabrics for customer-tailored solutions for separating, coating and dosing in industrial processes, filter components, screen printing and architectural applications.

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DIP Grinders - Devoted to perfect grinding

For the past twenty years, all grinders manufactured by DIP, have been oriented to work simply and efficiently, without compromising the grinding quality. From the very foundation of the company, we insisted on producing every core component of our machines inside the factory, hence being able to control the product’s quality and delivery. With great respect to the principles of engineering, DIP grinders and grinding discs can guaranty precise and constant result, giving us the certainty that you will enjoy every single cup of coffee that came out from our grinders. Our products do not claim, but prove our devotion to Perfect Grinding. Every single machine that goes out from our factory is carefully tested in order to ensure long term functionality. From the very first drawing our grinders are designed for easy functioning and maintenance, making them every roaster’s or coffee shop’s best friend. You cannot have a good grinding quality without controlling the quality of the grinding discs. Carefully designed and cured, all our burrs can be re-sharpened 2 or 3 times if installed and used properly. A faire cost is also important. It makes no sense to have a good grinder if you cannot afford to keep its burrs in proper condition.

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The Chicago Diamond and Jewelry Exchange - Diamonds at Cost and Diamond Brokerage in Chicago

The Chicago Diamond and Jewelry Exchange (CHIDEXX) is a diamond brokerage house whose main objective is to offer the educated consumer the diamond of their choosing for true cost, and with very low brokerage fees. By working with our network of diamond site holders, manufacturers and distributors, we are able to meet this expectation by carrying absolutely no inventory. Brokerage Fees start very low at $350.

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Collectec - Click and Collect store management solutions

Click and Collect Solutions for stores to improve the customer experience, convenience, service & loyalty, boosting retailer productivity & profitability

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